On May 23, 2018, the University of Ljubljana, the coordinator of the SLICE3D project, hosted the first day of the 132nd EuroSDR Board of Delegates meeting. On this occasion, the most recent achievements of the Slovenian geospatial industry as well as research activities and higher education in geospatial domain were presented. A special emphasis was given on the presentation of the national spatial data infrastructure and projects at the state surveying and mapping authority.

On the second day of the meeting, a special session was dedicated to European projects in the geospatial domain. Within this session, the SLICE3D project and its progress were presented by the project coordinator, Anka Lisec. Among others, she emphasized the importance of the EuroSDR support to the project and concluded that the planned Centre of Excellence could become a strong regional and European centre in the geospatial domain which would contribute to an advanced and innovative solution with benefits for the wider society, as most of our decisions are directly or indirectly linked to geo-location.

Presentation of the gPresentation of EuroSDR at the University of Ljubljana given by Fabio Remondino, EuroSDR Vice-President (Photo: I. Karnicnik).
Participants of the 132nd EuroSDR Board of Delegates meeting (Photo: I. Karnicnik).

EuroSDR is a pan-European organisation established by International Treaty, as OEEPE, in 1953 in Paris in accordance with a recommendation passed by the Council of the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation. The spatial data research interests of European countries are represented through the membership in EuroSDR of national organisations, from their production and research sectors. The vision of EuroSDR is to be the European research platform for national mapping and cadastral agencies, academic institutes, the private sector, industry, and user groups on issues related to the geospatial domain. More information at http://www.eurosdr.net.


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