SLICE3D project coordinator, the University of Ljubljana, hosted the 5th SLICE3D Partners’ Meeting which took place on May 21 and 22, 2018, at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Representatives of all eight partners participated actively in the event. The focus was on finalizing the proposed mobility program and the discussion on the Business Plan draft, prepared based on geospatial market analyses and other results of the project work. The consortium partners agreed that such an intensive meeting provides good results. Consequently, we decided to meet already at the beginning of July in order to finalize the Business Plan of the future Centre of Excellence.

The event was organised right before the EuroSDR meeting, where members of the SLICE3D Advisory Board participated. We are glad to having met them and we are really thankful for their comments and suggestions for our future work.

A fruitful discussion during the 5th SLICE3D partners’ meeting in Ljubljana.


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