On March 15-16, 2018, the Association of Surveyors of Slovenia organized the 46th Slovenian Land Surveying Day in Maribor, Slovenia. More than 300 participants from Slovenia and the region joined the event. The topic of the symposium was “Trends and Challenges in Engineering Geodesy”, with the emphasis on new technologies in the field of precise geospatial data acquisition and data analyses. Among the others, the research and innovation trends in the geospatial domain were presented, including the strategy of the Slovenian Surveying and Mapping Authority and the opportunities related to the planned Center of Excellence SLICE3D.

During the meeting, SLICE3D coordinator met the representatives of the Association of Surveyors of Slovenia, who expressed a huge support to the future CoE. The activities within the SLICE3D project (phase 1) have been further presented to the vice-president of the FIG, prof. Rudolf Staiger.

SLICE3D coordinator, Anka Lisec, with prof. Rudolf Staiger, FIG vice-president, Erna Flogie Dolinar, SMA deputy-director, and Blaž Mozetič, the president of the Association of Surveyors of Slovenia
Tomaž Petek from the Surveying and Mapping Authority presenting SLICE3D

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