The University of Ljubljana and the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia participated at the 3rd Slovenian INSPIRE day and Conference on eSpace programme, which took place on December 1, 2017, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The main purpose of the event, organised by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning and the Surveying and Mapping Authority, was to present Slovenian activities related to National Spatial Data Infrastructure and to inform the professional and general public about the programme eProstor (eSpace), funded under EU Cohesion Policy 2020. The programme aims to contribute to the suitable spatial development and real-estate management through a single infrastructure for spatial information and a renovated real property administration system.

A welcome address was given by Irena Majcen, Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning, and Alenka Smerkolj, Minister without Portfolio responsible for Development, Strategic Projects and Cohesion, and Anton Kupic, Director General of the Surveying and Mapping Authority.

During his presentation about the activities of the national surveying authority in the field of National Spatial Data Infrastructure, Tomaž Petek from the Slovenian Surveying and Mapping Authority, introduced the SLICE3D project and its objectives. In his talk he stressed the importance of innovative solutions and knowledge transfer from academia to the government and industry, where the future Centre of Excellence could assume an important role.

Erna Flogie Dolinar, SMA Deputy Director General presenting the programme eProstor.
Tomaž Petek during the presentation of SLICE3D


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